WATCH: Peru Robbers Target Cars in Traffic Jam

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As if being stuck in the Peruvian capital Lima’s notorious traffic jams wasn’t bad enough, commuters in the city now have to contend with a gang of robbers – who, CNN reports, have allegedly stolen more than $46,000 since mid-January after targeting gridlocked cars.

Police in Lima (where, as Next City reports, the average rush-hour driving speed is a little less than 7 miles per hour) have filmed the brazen criminals as they reach into cars before making off with valuables.

At one point in the video, a police officer fires his gun from his a car window, apparently to scare off the robbers.

Police say they have arrested members of the Los Coyotes gang, whom they say are responsible for the robberies, reports ITN.

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This is nothing new. This happens in certain streets of Lima frequently, very long time.  What worries in Lima now are the armed robberies and the homicides.


Like criminals everywhere who repeat the same type of "mo", they will get caught.  As we all know, Peru's prisons are five star hotels, so their immediate future will be ever so pleasant.