Thieves Steal Entire Bridge in Western Turkey

Residents of a village in Western Turkey awoke one morning to find their 82-ft.-long, 22-ton bridge had disappeared

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© Reuters Photographer / REUTERS

Earlier this month, the inhabitants of a small village in the Golcuk district of the Turkish province of Kocaeli awoke to find something different.

The village’s main bridge over a local creek — all 22 tons of it — was gone.

According to the Turkish publication Today’s Zaman, the dumbfounded villagers, who used the bridge to reach their orchards, alerted police about the theft on March 11. Police suspected that thieves dismantled the 82-ft.-long span to sell it as scrap metal — probably for about $12,000, noted Gizmodo. Authorities are still investigating the matter.

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As for the villagers, life is indeed a hassle without the bridge. One resident, Mustafa Karakas, told a Turkish news agency that they now have to take their socks off and wade across the creek in order to tend the plantations, according to Today’s Zaman.

This is not the first time that an entire bridge has vanished. In May 2012, a group of thieves used a crane to dismantle a 10-ton steel pedestrian bridge and about 218 yards of railway track in the Czech Republic, reported Agence France-Presse. The thieves duped police officers with a forged document saying they were working on a bicycle path. And in 2011 two thieves armed with a blowtorch stole a 70-year-old bridge in broad daylight about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh; they reportedly made $5,100 off the 15.5 tons of steel, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Shame this stray didn't come out today. It would have people guessing if it was real or not.


So far I can read the story, it didn't focus on the frequency or occurence a bridge is stolen in West, Central or East Turkey. Zaman would'nt have made the assertion, Time wouldn't have made the extrapolation. Who is ?


On top of that, it would be the first time that Zaman's information would have to be questioned. For sure, Zaman doesn't tell evrything it knows, but what Zaman knows and tells has been a longstanding source of spirit in the Totrkey's zaman.  

PierreHemmerle 1 Like

May be it was the bridge of comprehension between Pakistan and Kurdistan.


Looks like somebody now has a bridge for sale. 

hsk81 3 Like

Dear Sir,

I'm a western Turk living in Pakistan; unfortunately your resource is completely wrong. If you investigate (this)[] report (do the Google translation yourself), then you'll notice that the bridge has actually been removed **a year ago** to be replaced with a **new** one, which has apparently not happened yet for an unnamed reason. The reason for the original removal was the age of the bridge: 15 years.

Please do your research, before showing Turkey in a bad light, be it western or eastern Turkey.



How is this showing Turkey in a bad light? Particularly as the article mentioned similar occurrences happening in both the EU and U.S. 

What does show Turkey in a bad light, is when touchy Turkish posters get unnecessarily defensive. It makes you look excessively chauvinistic and infers deep-rooted attitudes of jingoism, xenophobia and nationalism. Such overreactions are embarrassing I'm sure for your more erudite countrymen.

crygdyllyn 1 Like

@hsk81 WOW! The state of journalism takes another hit.