WATCH: 50-Year-Old Soccer Ace Becomes Internet Hit

He's 280 pounds of raw talent.

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A 50-year-old Welshman is proving that it’s never too late to become an athletic star after his incredible ball-juggling skills became an Internet sensation.

Andrew Cassidy may not be your typical soccer freestyler, but he still has enough tricks up his sleeves to put David Beckham to shame. The 280-pound resident of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, in the U.K. decided to get in shape after being shocked by the death of a close friend. He quickly discovered an uncanny ability and now practices for two hours every day in a local parking lot.

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Some passing fans secretly filmed him and posted the video to YouTube (warning: bad language). The clip soon went viral, earning more than two million hits and catching the attention of media outlets worldwide. Now this ‘Welsh wizard’ is being touted for a starring role in the next season of Britain’s Got Talent.

“My head’s just in a spin about it,” Cassidy told ITN of his newfound fame. “I only had about two hours sleep last night as I couldn’t get to sleep thinking about what’s happened in the last day. I haven’t even seen myself on YouTube yet!”

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