Trayvon Martin’s Final Phone Call Recounted by Friend

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In the moments before being shot to death, Trayvon Martin spoke to a friend, complaining that he was being watched by  a “creepy-ass cracker,” according to testimony Wednesday in the second degree murder trial of George Zimmerman.

Rachel Jeantel, 19, who had been friends with Martin since elementary school told jurors the details of their cell phone conversation in the final minutes of the Sanford, Florida, teen’s life.

“He kept complaining that a man was just watching him,” Jeantel said Wednesday.

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She asked him to describe the man. According to Jeantel, Martin said: “Creepy, white. Excuse my language, cracker. Creepy-ass cracker.”

Martin became fearful as the individual came towards him, Jeantel said.

“He just told me he wanted to try to lose him,” said Jeantel. ” ‘Now the [expletive] is following me,’ ” said Jeantel, repeating Martin’s words.

She said that she told him to run, but he said he would not because he was nearly home. Soon after, Jeantel said, there were the sounds of a struggle. Finally the phone call abruptly ended.

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