Tumblr of the Week: Brides Throwing Cats

Please do not actually throw cats.

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Looking to spice up your wedding? Don’t throw cats. Looking to spice up your wedding photos? Feel free to Photoshop a few kittens into the shots where the bride is supposed to be throwing a bouquet and let hilarity ensue.

That’s the lesson to learn from a new Tumblr aptly titled Brides Throwing Cats. The site turns the mundane into the marvelous by transforming the traditional wedding act of bridesmaids scrambling for the bouquet into a laugh-out-loud moment of feline-fueled hilarity, as giant cats fly over the heads and into the hands of silently screaming women.

For brides hoping to replicate the photos that populate the Tumblr at home for a wedding souvenir, make sure a photographer is present as unmarried female wedding guests try to elbow each other out of the way to catch flowers in the hopes that they will be the next to get married. When you get the photos, simply Photoshop a kitten in place of the bouquet and you have a wedding Tumblr worth sharing.

No cats were harmed in the making of this Tumblr.


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This is not funny. While it may just be a photoshop thing, there are many morons out there that would actually do this, and I dont see how you or anyone with half a brain would think this up or not realize that it is dangerous for cats. harming an animal, even if not real is not funny, nothing funny about it. Please think before you post. While you may have just dont the article and didnt actually think this up, you still posted the article and said it was funny. You, the author, Time and Tumblr will all be responsible when idiots start doing this for real.