Pot-Flavored Condoms Are A Thing Now

Stoned love can be yours, for just $2 a pop

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Courtesy of Cannadom

Cannadom Cannabis Flavored Condoms.

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to satisfy your vices one at a time.

Enter pot-flavored condoms. Yep, they’re real. They are condoms that taste and smell like marijuana, and you can buy them for just €1.50, or about $2 a pop. They’re called “Cannadoms,” they’re Dutch, and it’s hard to imagine anyone was sober when the idea was invented.

The pot prophylactics company is based in Amsterdam, where prostitutes and weed are both legal, so it’ll probably at least do well there. Also, it should definitely be noted the condoms are colored green.

Now the question is whether weed-related birth control is actually reliable.


I hate Internet-style headlines like this one that incorporate trite slang. You studied journalism at some point, right? Why are Americans so hell-bent on being dumb?


The ONLY thing dangerous about marijuana are the cops who shoot people for having it:

Number of American deaths per year that result directly or primarily from the following selected causes nationwide, according to World Almanacs, Life Insurance Actuarial (death) Rates, and the last 20 years of U.S. Surgeon Generals' reports.

TOBACCO - 340,000 to 450,000

ALCOHOL  (Not including 50% of all highway deaths and 65% of all murders) - 150,000+

ASPIRIN  (Including deliberate overdose) - 180 to 1,000+

CAFFEINE  (From stress, ulcers, and triggering irregular heartbeats, etc.) - 1,000 to 10,000

"LEGAL" DRUG OVERDOSE  (Deliberate or accidental) from legal, prescribed or patent medicines and/or mixing with alcohol - e.g. Valium/alcohol - 14,000 to 27,000

ILLICIT DRUG OVERDOSE - (Deliberate or accidental) from all illegal drugs - 3,800 to 5,200


(**Marijuana users also have the same or LOWER incidence of murders and highway deaths and accidents than the general NON-marijuana using population as a whole.** Cancer Study, UCLA; U.S. Funded ($6 million), First & Second Jamaican Studies, 1968 to 1974; Costa Rican Studies, 1980 to 1982; et al. LOWEST TOXICITY 100% of the studies done at dozens of American universities and research facilities show pot toxicity does not exist. Medical history does not record anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana (UCLA, Harvard, Temple, etc.)

Accordingly a 1993 study done by the U.S. Department of Transportation came to the same conclusion as the above concerning marijuana and driving safety:

“Marijuana, administered in a dose of 100 µg THC per kg of whole body weight...did not significantly change mean driving performance as measured...” - U.S Department of Transportation: Marijuana and Actual Driving Performance DOT HS 808 078

The fact is people who use marijuana reflexes are not affected in a negative way and they become more conscious of safety, sometimes refusing to even drive.

Marijuana is a plant with a safety record second to none.

Anyone who would like to dispute these FACTS, point to a credible death that involves marijuana and nothing but marijuana, or hold your tongue.


NEVER use the words "condom" and "pop" in the same sentence ! Jeez !