Now You Can Name a Crater on Mars After Yourself

Prices start at $5, and all donations go to the space-education project Uwingu

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Thanks to the space-education program Uwingu, you can now name a crater on Mars whatever you darn well please.

Using an interactive that maps Mars’ surface, you can click on a crater and pay–anywhere from $5 for a tiny one to $250 for an extra large one–to name that crater. The proceeds go to the Uwingu Fund,  which provides “grants to space researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs in this time of government cutbacks.”

According to the website:

For years, space mission rover drivers have named craters on Mars and Apollo astronauts have named landing site landmarks on their Moon missions.

Now it’s your turn, creating the first citizen’s Mars map with names for all of the approximately 500,000 largest, still unnamed craters on Mars! You can also help name the map grid rectangles of all the Districts and Provinces in our address system–the first ever address system for Mars.

Anybody want to buy a NewsFeed crater?


This is great, i really like what the guys from are doing. There should be a central Platform for everybody to vote for or suggest planet names. For now all these exoplanets have just cryptic names so its about time to change that i think.


My Theory about Why Mars lost its Atmosphere?

As far as I am seeing, our Sun getting older but when our Sun was younger mars was at green zone.

So, that is sure living Atmosphere was at Mars planet but as Green Zone sifted to Earth Mars lost its living Atmosphere.


A seed itself everything to give big tree in future, but if it not get any atmosphere [Green Zone ] to become a big tree, its all possible internal energy and property is waste.


A planet core is able to produce magnetic field only when it comes under green zone because of sun.

So, seed internal property equal to planet’s core. Both would active under proper atmosphere/condition.