Barbie is Taking Over Paris’ Hotel Plaza Athenee

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Two rooms in Paris' Plaza Athenee hotel are getting covered Barbie.

Plaza Athenee / Facebook

Barbie’s dreamhouse is no longer only a dream. A high-end Paris hotel is making bank on the re-design of two of its rooms into Barbie-everything, hoping fortunate little girls and their families will shell out some cash. Celebrities and the wealthy flock to the legendary Hotel Plaza Athenee, and Sex and the City fans recognize it for the filming of the final episode. Plaza Athenee’s Barbie rooms have been “made over like a little girl’s dream in the iconic doll’s favorite colors with exclusively signed furniture and accessories galore,” according to the hotel. Between August 6 and September 2, little girls and their parents can get adjoining rooms at the 99-year-old hotel. All for the low, low price of $2,048 a night, including the adjoining room. Or $3,200 if parents want their own suite. Yikes. (via The Toronto Star)