Faisal Shahzad’s Court Monologue: ‘Yes’

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Faisal Shahzad

Atlas Press

He’s a man facing several charges, but speaking few words.

After being held without bail for the past two weeks, Faisal Shahzad appeared in a New York court on Tuesday for his first address since being apprehended on terrorism and weapons charges in connection with the Times Square car bomb plot.

Let’s use the term ‘address’ loosely, as the AP reports that Shahzad’s lone utterance at the hearing was a single ‘yes’. He spoke that single word when asked for confirmation on an affidavit related to his finances, which was necessary in gaining a public defender on his behalf.

What’s the next step for Shahzad? The New York Times cites June 1 as the calendar date for hearing number two.

And if “yes” isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, check out TIME’s May 5 portrait of Shazad, which has everything from a rundown of his family, to a visual of his home in Bridgeport, Conn.