When a Hostage Situation Becomes a Love Story

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Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd

AFP/Getty Images

There’s one bright spot for two of the American hikers detained in an Iranian prison: two of them are now engaged.

Over the weekend, the mothers of Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd went to Iran to get their children, held in Iran for 9 months. They didn’t get released, but on the bright side, the moms found out that Bauer and Shourd, who were dating before the hiking trip, are now engaged. They’ll get married when they get their freedom, according to the mothers, who appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning. Josh Fattal, the third captured American, will (fittingly) serve as best man.

So how’d his proposal go since they are in prison, after all? Bauer proposed in the exercise area of the prison, and made a ring using the threads of his shirt. That’s love, people. Now they just wait on their freedom. (via the Associated Press)