Internet Eats Up Jim’s Pancake Creations

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Have you ever been faced with the dilemma: “I want pancakes, but I also want a cheeseburger?” Or, better yet: “I want pancakes, but I also want to play Tetris?”

A man named Jim understands your pain. He started making ridiculously creative pancakes for his (adorable) 3-year-old daughter Allie, pictures of which he posts online daily. There are few limits to Jim’s creativity (his latest photo is a colored-batter version of Tetris) but he’s┬ámade 3-D ferris wheel pancakes, Pac-Man pancakes, bacon and egg pancakes — even a bridge with a moat under it.

He’s just a guy “trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter,” as he puts it. And his audience — and kid — eats it right up. (via Reddit)