Ridiculous Infomercial of the Day: Big Top Cupcake

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Big Top Cupcake

Screenshot / YouTube.com

This ad presents a problem worthy of complaining about: “Looking like a fool while your cakes aren’t cool.”

It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve just picked the kids up from soccer practice. Less than 60 seconds into the car ride, the chorus of “Are We There Yets?” begins to emanate from the back seat. It’s your day off too, but you have no clue how to occupy them for an extended period of time.

(Light bulb) “I know, I’ll have them help me bake a massive cupcake!”

The Big Top Cupcake is a silicone cupcake shell that helps the average baker mold a giant cupcake in no time. The poetic push behind the device continues through the ad: “Tiny cupcakes won’t do (pair of kids frown) but 25 times bigger feeds the whole crew! (smile arrives)”

Tough to tell what’s sweeter: the product’s ridiculous pitch or the over-sized frosted monstrosity it produces.

Cost: $19.95 (plus $7.95 shipping & handling)

Claim: “With this astounding silicone, non-stick mold, it is easy to bake, assemble, decorate and enjoy!”

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