Lady Gaga’s Airport Wipeout

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Lady Gaga falls from grace—literally.

Yesterday, while walking through Heathrow airport in impossibly high platform boots, the notorious songstress lost her footing and hit the ground. Unfortunately for her, paparazzi were on hand to capture the fall and aftermath.

While it’s obviously embarrassing to wipe out in public—and be caught on camera, no less—Gaga’s hardly the first celebrity to lose face in such a way. So why is “lady gaga falls” one of the most searched terms on Google right now?

Well in light of Gaga’s recent poor behavior, it could be that the public is getting just a bit tired of her antics. Even Jerry Seinfeld has called her a jerk (though, he’s not exactly known for saintly behavior either).

Perhaps people are ready to see her taken down a notch or two. Or in this case, about six feet. (via TMZ)