Want Fries with that Lion Burger?

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Tom Soucek/Verge/Corbis

An Arizona restaurant is serving a lion meat burger on their menu, keeping up with World Cup fever in an unconventional way.

Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, has been selling about 15 burgers a day. The lion meat is supplied from a free-range farm in Illinois that is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, says Cameron Selogie, the owner of the restaurant. If you order the burger, you’ll get a lion and ground beef-meat mixture, served with spicy chips and corn on the cob.

But activists aren’t too happy about it. Although Selogie says lion meat is perfectly legal, he’s already had a bomb threat and about 150 emails protesting the burger. (Via People)

Update: Beth Preiss from the Humane Society says the meat was not provided from a USDA-regulated free-range farm in Illinois. According to Preiss, the meat supplier, Czimer’s, has had a history of selling endangered species and passing it off as lion meat.