Larry King: What if CNN Doesn’t Replace Him?

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Larry King announced Tuesday night that he was going to step away from his CNN show this fall; the speculation erupted immediately: Who will replace him? (via Tuned In)

Some are saying it could be Katie Couric. Some are saying Piers Morgan. King said Tuesday that he’d love Ryan Seacrest to take his chair.

But our colleagues at Tuned In put forward another option: What if CNN decides to take the show in an entirely different direction? What if the whole concept of Larry King Live is about to disappear entirely from the cable news universe:

No one quite knows what Klein is going to do, and he could easily swap hosts and move forward with Ryan Seacrest Live. Same time, same subjects; suspenders optional. But couldn’t he just as easily announce a shakeup of the 9 p.m. format? Most of the immediate reactions to King’s news published late Monday night focused on who will fill the big chair. But what if CNN decides not to replace Larry King, but to instead turn Larry King Live into some variation of Hardball…Read the full post