Miley’s Brother in Trouble With Ex-Bandmates

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Sayre Berman/Corbis

As we all know, Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed.  We all had to watch her screech about it clad in avian drag.  But apparently Miley’s older (considerably less famous) brother can’t be tamed either.

Trace Cyrus, 21, is currently involved in a bitter lawsuit initiated by his former Metro Station band mates. In March, Cyrus disclosed information regarding the band’s break-up, which Metro Station is claiming they did not authorize. Cyrus, who, at the time was president of the band’s company, Metrostation Inc., was said to have publicly slammed the band via Twitter as well, and when bandmates booted him from the presidency in retaliation, he refused to step down. Metro Station filed suit at Los Angeles County Superior Court attempting to dismiss Cyrus.

But on a more positive note, we’re sure that even if Trace loses this job, there’s definitely a future for him with his sister on the Disney Channel.  He seems about equally family friendly.