After Stampede, Concert Organizers Nix Future Love Parades

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REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

A deadly stampede at a storied music festival left 19 people dead this weekend and led concert organizers to nix any future performances.

Germany’s Love Parade festival began in Berlin in 1989 as a one-day celebration of house and techno music, but it turned fatal this week when concertgoers hit a bottleneck in a tunnel, leading to a frenzied stampede that left 19 dead and some 340 injured. The festival, held in the German city of Duisburg, was originally supposed to host only 300,000 — 1.4 million ended up attending.

“The Love Parade was always a peaceful and joyous party that will now forever be overshadowed. Out of respect for the victims, families and friends, we will discontinue the event,” said organizer Rainer Schaller. “The Love Parade is no more.” (via Reuters)