#Wookieleaks: Attack of the Tweets?

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REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Breaking news: “Testimony in some of the papers indicate that Chewbacca used mind-alerting drugs while on Endor.”

At least, according to the now-legendary tweet from Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo, who’s been accredited as the founder of the #Wookieleaks meme (also trackable as #Wookieeleaks, which includes the extra “e” that die-hards so prefer). The trend swept Twitter last week following the recent WikiLeaks.org document release, and has since received media attention from techies as big as Wired.com and NPR’s “All Tech Considered” blog.

[Note: If you live under a rock or were too cool to watch Star Wars in high school, a Wookiee is a member of the loyal, very hairy race that spawned Chewbacca.]

The public can thank DiCostanzo and sleep safely at night, now that secrets like “Han shot first” (Peter Sagal) and “R2D2 accepts money from Princess Leia to build orphanage. But really uses funds to buy arms for Imperial Stormtroopers” (David Corn) have finally been revealed.

But now that some of its dirtiest laundry has been aired, only one question remains—will the empire strike back?