Presumedly Adorable Baby Tiger Discovered in Bag Full of Toy Tigers

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AFP/Getty Images

Say it with NewsFeed: Awwwwwww!

Baggage inspectors at the Bangkok airport noticed something suspicious last weekend in the x-rays of one suitcase: the bones of a two-month-old tiger. The animal had been tranquilized and placed in a bag full of stuffed animals, which NewsFeed admits is the first way we would try to hide a baby tiger too.

The bag was checked by a Thai woman en route to Iran. She was detained by authorities but denied any knowledge of the tiger in her luggage.

This is where NewsFeed says that there is nothing cute about animal smuggling and reminds readers that tigers are an endangered species forbidden to be taken across borders. Still, can’t you just see that baby tiger wandering around the airport, his little paws slipping and sliding across the polished floor, with the most adorable look of confusion on his face? (via Wired)