Hong Kong Ad Sells Fresh Air

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A new Hong Kong video ad campaign is literally a breath of fresh air.  The ad introduces a blue canister equipped with a breathing mask that comes in a variety of flavors like ‘beach’ or ‘horses.’

“Do your feeble breathing skills let you down? Introducing Fresh Air. The revolutionary new product that let’s you experience breathing like the rest of the world does.”

The ad spoof is part of a clean air campaign started by the Hong Kong Clean Air Network (CAN), and seeks to educate viewers by taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the dangers of air pollution. Air pollution, a constant and growing problem in Hong Kong, adversely affects the health of residents year round. According to CAN, Hong Kong air is three times more polluted than New York’s and twice as polluted as London’s.

The campaign is just one of many launched by CAN to create awareness about pollution. CAN also partnered with Ben & Jerry’s earlier in the summer to sponsor a contest asking children to paint their impressions of clean air. The winner receives a “fantastic one-of-a-kind ice cream party from Ben & Jerry’s.”

Watching the ad might evoke a chuckle or two, but the overall message is deep: “If we do nothing about Hong Kong’s air pollution today, we can look forward to this tomorrow.” This meaning unbreathable air.