Suspended Kraft Employee Kills Two in a Shooting Spree at Cookie Factory

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Joseph Kaczmarek/AP

The Kraft Foods Inc. factory in Philadelphia erupted in chaos on Thursday evening when an employee was suspended, removed from the premises and returned minutes later with a loaded gun, opening fire. (via the Daily News)

The employee, identified as Yvonne Hiller, killed two employees and critically injured a third before a standoff with a SWAT team led to her arrest.

Andy Ryan was one of the approximately 100 people present at the cookie and cracker plant when Hiller started shooting. “I heard the gunfire, and I ran,” he told the Associated Press. “As I was running down the steps they were yelling, ‘Oh, my God, there’s three people shot!'”

Hiller reportedly worked for Kraft for 15 years and it’s unclear why she was suspended.

This shooting come just a little after a month of another deadly shootout involving a disgruntled employee at a beer distributor in Connecticut. Is the workplace becoming an increasingly dangerous place to be? See TIME’s look at how common violence in the workplace actually is.