Marijuana: Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize

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Pot proponents usually highlight medical reasons to argue for the removal of the illegal tag. Several ex-officials in California turned to a different lens in their support for Proposition 19.

The AP reports that a group of former law enforcement professionals pushed their support for state’s marijuana ballot measure on Monday. Largely comprised of former/retired police officers, judges and prosecutors, their endorsement for Prop 19 centers on its ability to aid congestion in the state’s courts. Less backlog from petty marijuana cases could lead to more efficient processing for larger-scale crimes.

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If Proposition 19 were approved, California adults could legally carry up to one ounce of marijuana. Local governments would also stand to benefit from the freedom of taxing its sales. Yet, former Drug Enforcement Administration officials still stand on the other end of the argument, likening legal marijuana to Arizona’s current illegal immigration initiatives.