The New Twitter Is Basically Stalking You Everywhere You Go

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When you are at the library, it will be there. When you are making dessert, it will be there. When you are asleep, it will be there.

Twitter announced their redesign today with a snazzy new video, and while NewsFeed isn’t well-equipped enough in tech lingo to evaluate the “easier, faster, and richer” experience we do have this to say: The video creeps us out a little bit.

Yes, we get that it’s supposed to be cute to have the little Twitter bird following people around whenever they go through their daily tasks. But it’s not. It’s another reminder that — while we may not realize it at the time — we are constantly spending less and less of our precious moments on Earth on real experiences and more and more on computerized “social media” ones. Why tweet about watching the stars? Why check in at a bookstore? Why blog, why blog at all? We should just go home and spend time with our loved ones!

So thanks Twitter, you’ve given NewsFeed an existential crisis.