Weird Guy With Metal Detector Now Rich Weird Guy: Amateur Digs Up $460,000 Helmet

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

It’s almost like winning the lottery, but better! An amateur treasure hunter has unearthed a Roman helmet and mask valued at $460,000.

The helmet is the third of its kind to be ever found in England. The Guardian reports that the helmet might bid for as high as $650,000 at the Christie’s auction in October.

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The lucky treasure hunter who used a metal detector to find the bronze helmet and mask has asked to remain anonymous.

Christie’s describes the find as an “extraordinary example of Roman metalwork at its zenith” and “the discovery of a lifetime” for a metal detectorist, reports the BBC. (Stolen treasures: Is King Tut’s penis missing?)

Now that’s a treasure that Indiana Jones would be proud of.