Prayer vs. Pancakes: What Can Be the Real IHOP?

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Two radically different IHOPs enter. One IHOP leaves.

Because people could get confused, the International House of Pancakes (the IHOP you know) is suing the International House of Prayer (the IHOP you don’t know), located in Kansas City.

The prayer IHOP was started ten years ago, and continuously streams digital prayers to Jerusalem, where the prayers are then broadcast on television. They’re planning to build a massive world headquarters and a 5,000-feet conference center, and have repeatedly refused requests to change their name.

The pancake house’s lawsuit alleges that the prayer center intended to misuse the already-famous IHOP acronym, and the acronym use could confuse the public. Intellectual property attorneys say a judge will probably side with the Rooty Tooty, Fresh ‘N Fruity, and not necessarily a higher power. (via Kansas City Star)