Sparkling Water on Tap: Even French Water Fountains Are Classy

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Emily Anne Epstein / Corbis

In the U.S., water fountains have plain old still water (blech!). But in Paris, sparking water springs from a public fountain. Does everything have to be classier in France?

A fountain in Paris, La Pétillante (translation: she who sparkles), made its debut today as the first fountain that injects carbon dioxide to the tap water before it’s released to the thirsty imbiber.

The rational behind the decision to give fountain water some fizz is surprisingly environmentally-conscious. The Guardian reports that the average French person drank 28 gallons of bottled water last year, putting France at number eight on the list of greatest bottled water consumers.

In efforts to kick this environmentally-toxic dependance, French authorities are trying to rebrand public tap water. Anne Le Strat, chairman of Eau de Paris–the city’s public water supplier–told the Guardian that the sparkle will likely entice more people. “Lots of Parisians have told me that they would consume more [tap] water if it were fizzy,” she said.

La Pétillante will be a test-run for the city and if deemed successful, other sparkling water fountains will be added around the city’s parks. (via the Guardian)