One Giant Leap For Mankind: First Beer Brewed For Space

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Want to be hungover in zero gravity? Didn’t think so.

From what we hear, when most astronauts get to space, there just ain’t much to do. No bar scene, no singles scene – there’s a big difference between living in constant night and nightlife. What our brave men and women need once in a while is a way to kick back and relax with a cool one.

Astronauts4Hire apparently agrees. While NASA has a strict no-alcohol polic1y (even though the likes of Buzz Aldrin have broken the rules), the private company, which appears to be priming itself to be a major player in the future commercial spaceflight industry, will test the world’s first beer to be officially certified for imbibing in space. Australian beermaker 4-Pines Brewing Company brewed a brew specifically for the flight, set for orbit in November. The participants will test the beer for drinkability and taste during the parabolic flight, and Astronauts4Hire will monitor their heart rate, blood alcohol content and body temperature throughout. Drinking in a microgravity atmosphere sounds cool, but we’re sort of nauseous just thinking about it.