Marijuana Soda? Medicinal Users Now Have Smoke-Free Option

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Thirsty? Why not open an ice-cold bottle of pot-infused root beer?

A new line of pot-infused beverages masquerading behind soda flavors are now available to patients with a prescription for medical marijuana. Made by Colorado-based Dixie Elixirs, the carbonated drinks are marketed to medicinal-marijuana patients who wish to avoid “weed culture” stigmas.

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The organic drinks come in eight different flavors (including root beer, pink lemonade or grape) and serve as alternatives to smoking cannabis, which is legal for medical use by prescription in 14 states and used as an alternative to pain killers. (Who knows? Maybe Ms. Norbury’s marijuana tablets aren’t so out of the question after all.)

No word yet on how much a case of drinkable marijuana will cost, but we have a feeling it may run a little higher than anything Pepsi is pushing.