Betting on Bedbugs: Oddsmakers Predict Next NYC Outbreak

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H. Armstrong Roberts

Why bet on sports teams or horse races when you can bet on something much more suspenseful: Bedbug infestations!

According to a press release from the folks over at, “bedbugs are taking over New York City!” Oh no! What should we do? Should we use complicated pesticides to kill them? Or train dogs to sniff them out? Nope! We should throw up our hands at this intractable problem and just take bets on where they will show up next!

Bookmaker, led by CEO Mickey Richardson, has taken to trouble to calculate where in New York the crawlies will show up next. For the curious, the locations with the smallest chances of being shut down for bedbugs were fine-dining establishment Aureole and City Hall. (That one’s already full of nasties! #Rimshot)

Is this fun? Or just distasteful?

(Also, the location with the highest odds of getting bedbugs next? That would be the Four Seasons. We’ve put that tidbit down here in the hopes that they won’t sue us.)

Head over to the Village Voice for the full results.