Sri Lanka Breaks Record for Largest Cup of Tea

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Sri Lanka, known for being one the world’s leading tea manufacturers, just broke a world record – the largest cup of tea. A cup that serves about 32,000 people. After brewing for hours in 44 gallon containers, the tea was poured into a large, red, tin cup. The tea was driven around and served to locals Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, after a┬árepresentative from Guinness World Records certified the feat.

We at NewsFeed have the recipe in case you wanted to try to break the record: about 1000 gallons of water, 141 lbs of tea, 1900 lbs of powdered milk, and 400 lbs of sugar.

The previous world record was held by a health center in Fort Scott, Kansas, which held about 3000 litres of tea.

Now that’s a nice caffeine kick in the morning. (via BBC)