Cigar Guy Unveiled — And He’s Awesome

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Courtesy of YouTube

"Cigar Guy" is on the right.

What has two thumbs, works in finance and enjoys dressing up as Spanish golfer Miguel Ángel Jiménez? Cigar Guy!

The international meme-solvers of Britain’s Daily Mail are at it again. This time they’ve found the man at the center of the latest photo-meme firestorm: Cigar Guy, a gleefully mustachioed spectator at this year’s Ryder Cup. He’s a golf fan from South London named Rupesh Shingadia, and according to the Daily Mail, there are a lot of cool things abut him. In ascending order of awesomeness:

— He lives with his parents at age 30.

— He describes himself as “an ordinary guy who loves golf and follows Arsenal.”

— His ginger wig, false mustache and cigar were intended as an homage to golfing bad boy Miguel Ángel Jiménez, because, as Shingadia told the Mail, “These days sportsmen have become devoid of character … Miguel does his own thing.”

— He originally planned to wear Union Jack trousers as an homage to British golfer Ian Poulter, but decided against it for aesthetic reasons.

— His favorite Cigar Guy photoshop is the Simpsons one.

— He is single, but has no interest in the marriage proposals Cigar Guy has received: “I’d want them to love me for who I am — not just Cigar Guy.”

Good point, Rupesh! Still, we hope you don’t mind NewsFeed thanking you for all the joy Cigar Guy has brought us,