The Restless, Relentless Quest of McRib Addicts

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The name might be a misnomer, but the taste is the stuff of legend.

The Wall Street Journal delves into the lengths some will go to secure a McDonald’s McRib sandwich, an elusive menu item that appears without warning and disappears just as quickly. The sandwich itself has nothing to do with ribs — the boneless concoction is simply a molded pork patty. But oh, what a pork patty it is. The WSJ reports that one man, Ryan Dixon of Burbank, Calif., drove nearly nine hours to Oregon when he heard the sandwich was on sale at a McDonald’s there. Others populate a McRib Locator website, which maps sightings of the sandwich.

Still, not everyone’s a fan. “I saw a dog turn his nose up at a piece of one. That’s all I need to know,” says one woman. (via the Wall Street Journal)