‘The Situation’ Kicked Off Dancing With The Stars After Monday Tantrum

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Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

It appears The Situation can’t handle the situation.

The Jersey Shore kids spend a lot of time in dance clubs, but ironically, it doesn’t seem to make them better dancers. (Who knew?) That was the sad lesson learned by Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino last night as he was kicked off of Dancing With The Stars. (See the most dubious “stars” on DWTS.)

Sorrentino previously received the lowest scores of the week for his Argentine tango, which judge Bruno Tonioli called “a terrible mess.” After the criticism, Sorrentino was spotted sulking in the DWTS parking lot.

As Sorrentino told Us Weekly, “I actually stormed off upset because I tried so hard. I really did. I changed my haircut, I don’t know. … In the back of my head, I knew those lifts [in the routine] were extremely hard. I tried my best, and if [the judges] didn’t see it and wanted to be negative, so be it.”

The fateful routine is below. He doesn’t look that bad, but that could be because NewsFeed gets distracted by his companion’s prancing kicks.


This has been an eventful week for Sorrentino: The reality show star got his first Nightline profile on Monday. In the segment, he dropped a handful of gems, including this eye-opening quote: “[The Mike Sorrentino who appears on Jersey Shore] is a part of my personality, but not the full circle. That character that you see is ‘The Situation.’ It’s not Michael Sorrentino. You’re seeing ‘The Situation,’ almost like Clark Kent and Superman.”

Pity then, that Sorrentino was kicked off Dancing. Had he lasted longer, we could have gotten an in-depth look at the man behind the abs, the real Mike Sorrentino. Perhaps he would have amazed viewers with a stunning recitation on Proust?