Warning: Oct. 16 Is Sweetest Day, Ignore At Your Own Risk!

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REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

One can look at Sweetest Day in two different ways: A day during which those of you who have fallen out with your significant others can redeem yourselves with chocolate and candies. Or it’s the day you drive yourself further into the doghouse because you didn’t remember it was Sweetest Day.

So consider this your warning, gentlemen: Sweetest Day falls on the third Saturday in October. This year, it’s October 16.

That’s tomorrow.

As in 8 hours from now.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, which is based on the lore of a Roman priest who refused a decree requiring him to abandon marrying couples and is observed in many countries, Sweetest Day isn’t even a Hallmark holiday. It was developed in the early 1920s by confectioners in Cleveland as part of a charitable promotion and is largely celebrated in the Midwest, but is said to be spreading. (See where Sweetest Day stacks up against the world’s seven lamest holidays)

Now if you did forget about Valentine’s Day or managed to screw it up somehow, if you do it again this Saturday it probably won’t look good. You might be able to say it’s just some regional thing, but rest assured if you blow it off, you’ll be reminded there’s “a thin line between love and hate.”

So if you like to surprise your lover with sweets two weeks before Halloween, an equally important holiday in the candy biz, then consider this post your clarion call. But if you forget and he/she gets mad at you, don’t look in this direction. NewsFeed already warned you.