Even Dead, Michael Jackson Makes (A Lot) More Money Than You

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Michael Jackson. Kevin Kane/WireImage

Don’t feel too bad about it though; he also makes more money than Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z and Beyonce–combined!

Last year, Jackson’s estate earned more than $275 million, reports Forbes, which not only means he out-earns everyone else on their Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list (which featured Elvis Presley and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo author, Stieg Larsson), but also means he out-earned many living celebrities as well.

So exactly how is Jackson making so much money? According to his estate managers, renewed interest in his albums, the movie This Is It, and his catalogue of rights to classic song are all adding to the piles of money. (See what other goodies are in Jackson’s estate.)

In addition to making loads of cash last year, Jackson is set to continue raking in the dough. A deal to put out an album of unreleased songs is expected to bring in up to $250 million over the next seven years.

However, it’s not exactly a windfall for the Jackson estate–the money is being used to chip away at the $500 million debt the King of Pop left behind when he passed away.  (via Forbes)