We Won’t Have Christine O’Donnell To Kick Around Any More

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Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

You’ve probably heard this elsewhere, but Christine O’Donnell officially conceded the Delaware Senate race to Chris Coons, thus bringing to an end a campaign that has provided this blog with endless mirth.

Our colleague Michael Scherer has the full take on the political ramifications of O’Donnell’s Senate run, but after you read that, take a look back at all of NewsFeed’s Christine O’Donnell coverage:

We first heard of Christine O’Donnell when Karl Rove was telling everyone she would cost the GOP a shot at the Senate. And that was before we heard of her interesting political views. Once we found out more about her, we were enthralled: we dedicated a song to her, gasped at revelations she may have used campaign funds for personal spending, and looked skeptically at her assertions that she was us, though we accepted the possibility that she had matured since the 1990s.

We weren’t fans of her Antoine-Dodson-referencing ad campaigns, and she lost us completely during her debate with Chris Coons. By the time she was talking about the lack of Constitutional support for the separation of church and state, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

We were totally on her side about the whole Gawker thing, however.