You’re Doing It Wrong: Superheroes Fight Each Other Instead Of Crime

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'The Amazing Spiderman'

CBS Photo Archive.

Who won? Neither! They were both charged with assault.

NewsFeed perhaps spoke prematurely when we said that the teenager who got a DUI while wearing a Breathalyzer costume had the most ironic Halloween weekend — we were not yet aware of the disturbance that occurred this weekend in Connecticut, in which two men dressed as Spiderman and Captain America were arrested for fighting in a parking garage.

It’s the event that’s been dubbed a ‘Superhero brawl’: 25-year-old Michael Sanchez, dressed as Captain America, allegedly assaulted an unnamed and uncostumed victim in a Stamford-area parking garage after an argument early Sunday morning. When police attempted to break up the fight, the victim’s 21-year-old son Vincent DeCarlo, who was dressed as Spiderman, allegedly joined in the scuffle and punched Sanchez. DeCarlo’s girlfriend Nicole Bitterli, who was dressed as Batman villain Poison Ivy, also reportedly hit Sanchez.

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Sanchez and DeCarlo were charged with assault, Bitterli with breaching the peace. DeCarlo’s father was taken to the hospital.

NewsFeed is both shocked and saddened by these very un-mild-mannered alter-egos. If you’re going to go around beating up people in parking lots, why not dress as a villain, or a more morally-ambiguous hero like The Punisher? And, we have to call these brawlers out for universe discontinuity. Spiderman and Captain America are Marvel creations; Poison Ivy is from DC Comics. (via The Stamford Advocate)