Fire the Webmaster! Dallas Cowboys Forget To Renew Team Website

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The Dallas Cowboys have gotten used to losing football games, not their website!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This Cowboys have gotten used to losing football games. Now they’ve lost their website.

Sometimes in life, it’s not the huge defeats or the mammoth humiliations that bother us most, it’s the small things. Those epic embarrassments we can cover up, build walls to protect ourselves against. The small moments, though, get in between the cracks and needle us until we just can’t take it anymore. So we can imagine how the Dallas Cowboys feel. It’s already been a bad week — they were destroyed by the Green Bay Packers in prime-time, bringing their record to a miserable 1-7, and they fired permanently befuddled coach Wade Phillips and replaced him with a walking Rickroll — and now their website is down?

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Assorted sports fans and NFL beat reporters who visited last night to find out about Phillips’ firing were presented with an unexpected sight: A web page saying that the page was content-free and available for purchase. (CBS Sports has a screencap.) In news that is hilarious to fans of all 31 other teams, the Cowboys were apparently too talented to remember to renew their ownership of the domain name. The team quickly renewed the name, but such a change can take up to two days to go through; the site was still down for some users until late this morning. (Sadly, it looks to be all good now.)

At least, on the bright side for the Cowboys, there’s no possible way the season could get any worse, right? Oh, wait, what if all the players hated their new coach? No, there’s no way that could happen.