Google Fires Employee Who Said Good Things About Google

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NewsFeed reported Wednesday about Google generously offering a 10% across-the-board pay raise. But in a grim twist, the employee who leaked this good news story has just lost 100% of his/her salary.

CNNMoney reports that Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s memo was obtained by Fortune and leaked to Business Insider, which broke the news. Yet within hours, Google told staff that it had terminated the leaker.

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It’s believed that the bonuses — all 25,000 employees will get a $1,000 bonus for Christmas expenses, with Google paying any tax due and the 10% hike kicks in on Jan. 1 — were implemented to avoid poaching. Just in the past few weeks, Google has waved goodbye to YouTube co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley, AdMob co-founder Omar Hamoui, and Google Maps and Wave creator Lars Rasmussen.

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The unnamed leaker now joins the above on the farewell list though presumably can’t be too happy about it. No news is good news, goes the phrase, and Google clearly didn’t want it shared with the wider world.