Sting Like A Bee: Kitty Defeats Alligator, and There’s A Video to Prove It

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Cat & Gator

We don’t usually promote violence on NewsFeed, but let’s get ready to rumble!

Cat versus alligator: who will win? One of life’s great questions has finally been answered with the help of this footage caught by an unsuspecting Canadian holiday-maker enjoying his vacation in Louisiana.

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The incredible video shows the small, domestic feline fearlessly fend off not one, but two seven foot alligators at the gator tourist destination.

Louisiana’s bayou areas and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website offers a long list of guidance for encounters with these intimidating fresh water reptiles, including the following advice for pets such as dogs or cats. “If you see an alligator while walking a pet make sure that your pet is on a leash and under your control. Your pet will naturally be curious, and the alligator may see it as an easy food source. Alligators have a keen sense of smell. In areas near alligator sightings it is wise to keep pets inside a fenced area.”

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NewsFeed wonders if this kitty will fare as well against our friend, the Ninja Hamster? To be sure though, this is one cool cat! (Via Huffington Post)