Reading While Eating for November 23: Turkey, Therapy and Travel

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Sinn Fein protestors demonstrate outside Leinster House, in Dublin November 22, 2010. Two independent members of parliament said on Monday they may withhold support from Ireland's 2011 budget, effectively depriving the government of a working majority.

REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Tuesday’s links know the situation, even if The Situation got voted off Dancing with the Stars.

TSA’s Time: Though it’s obviously ramped up since 9/11, airport security is nothing new. See the history — and escalation — of pre-flight screening. (Gizmodo)

Virtual Healing: Some with psychological issues are benefiting from virtual-reality therapy. For example, if you fear heights, your avatar could stand on a ledge. Will art imitating life solve real-life problems? (New York Times)

Unlikely Subject: This month’s GQ features a lengthy, detailed, poignant profile of…The Situation from Jersey Shore? Why, yes. (GQ)

Death-Metal Mistletoe: Does your neighbor go all out decorating for the holidays? They probably haven’t synchronized their Christmas lights to a Slayer song like this house. (The Daily What)

Thanksgiving Treat: Didn’t think TIME was the type to give you cooking tips? You thought wrong! Here’s how to cook a turkey. (NewsFeed)

Pucker Up: The title of this photo gallery says it all: Awkward Celebrity Kisses and Embraces. Stars — they’re just like us! (LIFE)

Elsewhere on If you’re a fan of Dancing with the Stars, you know the terrible dancers are almost more entertaining than the good ones. In anticipation of the finale, check out the top 10 terrible DWTS contestants.

Must-See: After one professor catches them in the act and guilt-trips them like crazy, 200 University of Central Florida students admitted to cheating. But is the professor being honest himself? (via Urlesque)

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