Busted: Facebook Exposes Israel’s Draft Dodgers

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THIERRY ROGE / Reuters / Corbis

You wouldn’t have thought that Israel’s military would have time to surf the net but, in the name of investigating potential draft dodgers, it’s using Facebook to check up on some of its citizens.

Over 1,000 women have been exposed in light of false claims stating they were exempt from the draft — obligatory for women for two years from the age of 18 — because they said they were Orthodox Jews. But even if you can fool some of the military’s finest minds, you can’t put one over on the social networking world as Facebook’s pages can offer evidence showing that these women have performed in a manner not befitting an orthodox Jew.

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To wit: responding to party invitations on Friday nights (the Jewish Sabbath), posting photographs of themselves in immodest clothing or eating in non-kosher restaurants.

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It’s believed that more than 35% of Jewish women in Israel don’t do their duty due to religious reasons. The caught-out candidates have been made to “rephrase their religious declarations” and enter into military service. If Shakespeare were still alive, he’d no doubt write that they’d been “hoist by their own profile” before going on to poke Christopher Marlowe. (via CNN)