Canuck Cablegate: U.S. Diplomats Fret Over Anti-Americanism on Canadian TV

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during the Ice Sledge Hockey Bronze Medal Game between Norway and Canada on day eight of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympic Games at UBC Thunderbird Arena on March 19, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.

Blame Canada? More like blame the USA. The latest batch of leaked cables show that American diplomats find Canadians a tad too suspicious of America. Their evidence: Cheesy Canadian TV.

The cables, sent from Ottawa to Washington in 2008, fret over the “onslaught” of anti-Americanism on Canadian television shows.

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“The level of anti-American melodrama has been given a huge boost in the current television season as a number of programs offer Canadian viewers their fill of nefarious American officials carrying out equally nefarious deeds in Canada while Canadian officials either oppose them or fall trying,” the dispatch reads.

These nefarious deeds include fictional American characters planning to bomb Quebec and plotting to steal Canadian water.

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Here, via Gawker, is an example from a two-part miniseries in which the Canadian prime minister is assassinated so the United States can steal water:


The cables suggest that the root of the problem is Canada’s “habitual inferiority complex” — a comment that’s just about as subtle as bad Canadian TV.

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