Stunt Jump Goes Horribly Wrong on Live Television

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Samuel Koch tried to jump over a driving car, wearing "Kangaroo" shoes when he hit the car with his head and fell to the ground. REUTERS/Hermann J. Knippertz/Pool

Twenty-three year old Samuel Koch planned to jump over a series of moving cars while wearing “kangaroo” spring stilts. But he collided with the fourth car—driven by his father—and is now in serious condition at a Düsseldorf hospital.

The accident occurred Saturday evening on Wetten Dass! (Want to Bet?), Europe’s most-watched live television show. During each episode, a panel of celebrities bets on the outcomes of games and stunts performed by members of the public. Justin Bieber, Phil Collins, Cameron Diaz and Cher were taking part in the program when the incident occurred.

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According to the Daily Mail, the program’s producers cut to archival footage of previous musical guests before canceling the program 25 minutes later. “We will here and now break off the program,” Thomas Gottschalk, the show’s host, said. “Anything else would be wrong. We feel responsible to not make jolly when we are not.”

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Bieber, who was scheduled to perform later in the show, sent a message of support to Koch via Twitter.

“Please pray for Samuel Koch and his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety,” he said.

The BBC reports that on Sunday Koch underwent surgery for multiple back injuries and fractures.

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