When Heckling Goes Right: Michael Buble Gives U.K. Boy Big Break

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Michael Buble

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Never has the well-worn phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” been more appropriate.

It’s prime-time Saturday night on British TV and An Audience with Michael Buble is one of the main attractions. Let’s be frank: Buble wants to sell records, the network wants to sell advertising and the viewer wants to be entertained. But did anyone see this coming?

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Buble gets heckled by a woman in the audience who proceeds to tell the new Sinatra (or Connick, Jr. — the choice is yours!) about her 15 year-old son, Sam, who not only happens to be a bit of a singer in his own right but — Spoiler Alert! — is also in the audience. Buble decides to humor the lady and invites the kid up on stage. He’s understandably nervous and looks like he can barely hold a microphone, let alone a song. Do you see where this is headed?

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That’s right: TV gold! Buble starts to sing one of his signature tracks, his cover of “Feeling Good,” and let’s Sam have a go. Well, if young Sam doesn’t only belt out the most authentic Mickey Bubbles impersonation yet, NewsFeed demands you get in touch via the comments box below to let us know where this person lives. Buble drags the lad up on stage where they deliver a devastating duet. The crowd goes wild, Buble predicts that Sam will win the X Factor and sums up his performance far more eloquently than the likes of Simon Cowell could ever hope to achieve: “Holy s___balls!” Michael: we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.