Video Barbie Comes With Special Gift: A Warning from the FBI

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Barbie’s always got the hottest accessories, and the new ‘Video Girl‘ is no exception. She doesn’t just come complete with the best outfits, a video camera and a hunky Ken boy toy – she also has her very own FBI warning.

Inserted into the doll’s necklace is a video camera, and an LCD screen is fitted into her zebra print dress, so kids could record Barbie and Ken’s date, or Skipper and Barbie’s argument over who gets to wear the pink heels, and then watch it back immediately.

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But the FBI is concerned that the camera could be used to produce child pornography. They recently sent an alert to law enforcers encouraging investigators not to overlook the toy when collecting evidence against suspected offenders. The memo was supposed to be for purely informational FBI purposes, but was accidentally sent to the media.

The FBI was quick to point out there is no known case of abuse, but in a world of increasing pedophile concern, that may not come as much comfort to parents and grandparents.

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Barbie herself, despite defying age and having a completely unachievable body shape, has been a role model for young girls for over 50 years. As women grew into more power positions in the world, Barbie evolved with them. Lately the plastic lady has excelled (presumably) in careers including a Spanish teacher, paleontologist, NASCAR driver and even President of the United States. Here’s hoping adult film producer isn’t added to that list. (via AP)