Jumpin Jammerz: The (Ridiculous) Pajamas Built for Partying

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Screenshot via YouTube.com

The winter clothes have moved to the front of your closet. No animal prints in sight? Get out your phone.

Unlike average pajamas, Jumpin Jammerz solve the quantum quandary of cold feet. The footed pajamas tout themselves as built to “Do Anything!” and “Wear Anywhere!” — subscribing to NewsFeed’s personal belief that life really is a pajama party. Take this Sunday afternoon. The NFL playoffs are in full swing. You and your bros are watching the game — in footie pajamas. Clearly, it’s “Game Time!”

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NewsFeed wasn’t sold on another PJ product in Pajama Jeans. We’re asking our readers now — is this the product that will put our wardrobe out of its misery? If so, we plan on making it our new work uniform.