Time-Worn Tabby: At 39, Is Lucy the Oldest Cat in the World?

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What’s her secret? It must be something in the Fancy Feast. 

Lucy, from Llanelli, South Wales, is a proud Gen X’er – in her time, she’s lived through eight prime ministers, a handful of wars, and the rise of the technological generation. But the years take a toll, and at 39 years old, Lucy’s gone deaf and probably has a bit of trouble getting up in the morning. But that’s all excusable when you consider Lucy is a feline.

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Her owner Bill Thomas said Lucy was born in South Wales in 1972. “We have spoken to other people who can verify seeing her in the fish and chip shop in the early seventies,” he said.  While a vet could not confirm Lucy’s exact age, Thomas said the doc was amazed by the cat’s long life, estimating her to be a whopping 172 in human years.

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While there is no Guinness entry for the world’s oldest cat, Thomas says Lucy certainly deserves the honor. But she hasn’t let the fame go to her head, still living a humble life in the Welsh countryside. “She is great with the grandchildren and still likes to patrol the garden every day looking for mice,” Thomas said.

Here’s to many more years of mice-catching for this geriatric feline. (via Daily Mail)