Activism By Bjork: The Great Karaoke Protest of 2011

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The U.S. may have anti-war marches and Rallies to Restore Honor, Sanity and/or Fear, but Icelandic singer Bjork lent activism a creative note when she held a three-day karaoke marathon this weekend in Reykjavik.

Bjork launched the singing fest, dubbed Bjork’s Karaoke Marathon for Nature, last Thursday to protest a Vancouver-based energy company’s growing stake in Iceland’s HS Orka power plant.

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The singer circulated a petition asking the government to consider revoking the takeover throughout the music marathon and reportedly garnered 20,000 signatures.

NewsFeed isn’t sure Bjork’s protest will have any effect on the plant’s pending sale, but we sure give her credit for staging such a distinctive show.

(via CTV)