Royal Antidote: The ‘Unofficial’ Wills and Kate Commemorative Plates

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"Unofficial" Commemorative Plate from KK Outlet. Image via Creative Review.

Even though tea towels are back in the  memorabilia fold, NewsFeed predicts that there will be a lot more people coveting the “unofficial” plates. 

Commemorative memorabilia is all part of the hoopla that surrounds a Royal Wedding–with everything from tea cups to pill boxes bearing the photos and wedding date of the Royal couple. And so far the memorabilia being churned out for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials has followed in the stodgy footsteps of past Royal Wedding commemorative items.

Until now, that is.

Starting January 15, KK Outlet will be selling the “unofficial” Wills and Kate commemorative plates, perfect for those who are less than jubilant about their wedding. With slogans such as “Economic Crisis? What Economic Crisis?”, “Will 4 Kate 4 Eva”, and–NewsFeed’s personal favorite–“It Should Have Been Me. Kate &Wills 29.04.11” the plates are a hilarious take on old tradition.

Know any anti-royalists out there? Any heartbroken Prince William fans? Or even just anyone with a sense of humor? These could be the perfect gift. (via Creative Review)

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